Selling Your Hibel Art

If you wish to sell any artwork it is important to know exactly what you have. Is it an original work or a reproduction in one of many forms? We often receive inquires from owners describing their item as a painting when the item is not.

The term lithograph is also confusing. Offset mechanical reproductions by other artists are often called lithographs. So you must determine if the work was originally created when the artist draws on a stone or whether they used a photograph of the work and a printing press to make copies.

Our identification services for Hibel works will solve this dilemma. Contact if you wish an identification report for your work before you attempt to sell it.

Original Oil or Watercolor Paintings by Edna Hibel:

This website and Hibel Studio Inc are not in the business of purchasing nor selling art at this time.  We suggest locating an art gallery, gift store, antique shop or consignment store in your local community where your items could be placed on consignment. Although we cannot recommend a particular sales outlet, we have seen a variety of on-line art auction sites which you might consider.

Unfortunately, we are no longer able to refer you to Bonnie Benamar, our former Hibel sales representative for sales assistance due to her passing. Edna Hibel Corp was THE market maker in Hibel art and is no longer in operation.  

Other Artwork (Including Lithographs)

To determine the current economic value of your Hibel paintings, lithographs, prints, plates, dolls and collectibles:

-Consider the current economic market and the stock market which influences the public’s willingness to spend disposable income. 

-If you wish to sell your piece quickly, do not be greedy.

– Alternative venues for selling your art would be local art galleries, antique shops, consignment shops, classified ads, and Internet auction sites.

We trust that you have enjoyed the Hibel art or gifts in your home over the years which itself equals considerable value.  Please consider this amortized value when you select a price for sale.