FAQ Page Two

11) Do I have a lithograph or a poster?

A poster is a reproduction of an artwork created by taking a photograph and using a mechanical printing process. Edna’s posters were primarily to promote an art opening or exhibit.. She has only signed posters at events as a courtesy to fans and usually in pen or marker. The Edna Hibel Society members were given Hibel posters as premiums over many years.

A lithograph is an original work of art as described in other sections of this website. The artist draws the image on a stone and the image when inked is pressed onto paper . Edna signed her lithographs in pencil and there may be other words describing the work such as edition information.

13) Plates

Edna Hibel did not paint each collectible plate individually. The plates are actually reproductions of original paintings she had created specifically for a plate edition or earlier as an original painting. It is very seldom, and extremely rare, to see a proof or experiment of a plate that she plans to produce onto which she has added oil paint or gold leaf. Edna has used round surfaces such as glass or blank porcelain for original paintings, but they will not have back stamps or special printing indicating an edition.

14) Does Edna Hibel touch
up each work herself, or do other artists do these touch ups or enhancements?

No other artist touches an Edna Hibel work. She alone has enhanced lithographs with additional oil paint, pastels, charcoal, pen or gold leaf. She alone creates original Hibel oil or water color paintings and drawings.