Upon the passing of artist Edna Hibel Plotkin: 

I never had the pleasure of meeting Ms. Edna, but I was fortunate to have purchased one of her lithographs a few years ago.  I didn’t know who she was but I loved the picture.  I began to find out more about her and viewed her work on the Internet.  Everything I saw was so beautiful.  She was so gifted or should I say, she was a genius who turned beauty into everything she touched.  I cried when I read this morning she passed away.  Yesterday, I was thinking about auctioning the picture I have since I have fallen on hard times, but I’ve changed my mind. I will keep the picture forever, it’s priceless.  The world has lost a beautiful spirit but she will live on in the beautiful art she left behind.     With Heartfelt Sympathy,                        Shirley D. 

Our sincere condolences to the family of Edna Hibel on her passing. The first contact we had with Edna’s art was around 1980. We just happened to walk by her art gallery on Worth Avenue, Palm  Beach, Florida, and stepped inside after viewing some of her paintings placed in the sales window.  We were mesmerized by the colors and beautiful scenes of mother and child, flowers, landscapes, and various portraits of children. We eagerly purchased several paintings and eventually became members of the Edna Hibel Society. Over the years we attended many of the special art events hosted by Edna, and were enthralled by the personal stories she would share with the audience as she started new paintings. We were fortunate to have numerous discussions and picture taking sessions with her over the years and will cherish the memories. Thank you Edna for everything you did. You made this world a more beautiful and gracious place. You will be missed by everyone who knew you, but your spirit lives on through your paintings.

        Bruce & Becky J.  Titusville, Florida