Resume : Artist Edna Hibel

        Edna Hibel Plotkin   Professional Name:  Edna Hibel
                                              Curriculum Vitae

Education: Boston Museum School of Fine Arts

1941-42       Special Graduate Student, Techniques of the Renaissance

1937-39       Studied under Karl Zerbe

1934-37       Studied under Alexandr Yakovlev

Eliot O’Hara Watercolor School

1935-36     Summer Scholarship Student

Private student of Gregory Michaels

1930-34      Daily study of art throughout high school

Academic Awards:

1939      Ruth B. Sturtevant Traveling Fellowship, Boston Museum School of Fine Arts,

to travel and paint in Mexico

1934      Marion Parker Art Award, Brookline High School, Massachusetts

1932      Society for the Prevention and Cruelty to Animals Poster Design Prize, Boston

1930      Edward Devotion School Art Prize, Brookline, Massachusetts

Institutions Dedicated Solely to Edna Hibel’s Work:

1977-Present            Hibel Museum of Art, Palm Beach County, Florida

1970-Present            Edna Hibel Gallery and Studio, Palm Beach County, Florida

1980-84                     Riji Gallery, New York City, New York

1980-83                     Richard’s Galleries, Hyannis, Cape Cod, Massachusetts

1960-78                     Edna Hibel Gallery, Boston, Massachusetts

1960-77                     Edna Hibel Gallery, Rockport, Massachusetts

1968-69                     Edna Hibel Gallery, Miami Beach, Florida

1969          Edna Hibel Gallery, South Yarmouth, Cape Cod, Massachusetts

1965                    Edna Hibel Gallery, Sarasota, Florida

1961          Edna Hibel Gallery, Lenox, Massachusetts

Technical Innovations and Artistic Accomplishments:

2004                    Edna Hibel creates her 600th original stone lithograph.  Since 1964, she has created more multi-color stone lithographs than any other artist from the time of the media’s invention in 1795.

2005                    Edna Hibel has created hundreds of porcelain sculptures, art plates, ornaments, and jewelry items since 1973, possibly more works in porcelain and bone china than any other artist.

1939-Present   Edna Hibel is responsible for the American resurrection of the use of   oil on cameo paper as a permanent medium.

She has experimented with texture in fresco and fresco-secco, using dental tools, sand paper, palette knife, and other implements.

She has developed her glaze technique with oils, in which the many layers give the painting depth and texture, also often causing the paint to crack, creating an antique look, or crackling effect.

1950-Present    Used oils, charcoal, pastels, gold leaf, and other media to paint on silk as a surface.

1960-Present     Used oil and other media to paint on marble, Philippine shells, geodes, petrified wood, and semi-precious stones.

1966-Present     Pioneered in the medium of stone lithography in many ways:

Creation of different color sections within an edition  Resurrected the use of the Collaye technique of printing on a fine, thin paper,  superimposed later on another paper.   Printed on rice paper (Japon), wood bark, canvas, silk, and other unusual surfaces.

Used over thirty colors in some editions, requiring the use of as many stones in   printing, one color painstakingly over another.  Printed directly from the stone onto a very thick porcelain plaque, creating an original lithograph on porcelain.  Her first original stone lithograph on   porcelain was created in 1978, and she created the largest on porcelain up to that time in 1983.

1982           Hibel was the first to produce a candle screen of porcelain.

1976        Hibel was the first to produce a porcelain plate using 23 karat gold hand-painted overlay on a gold background.

Humanitarian and other civic and community work:

Since 1965, Edna Hibel has been instrumental in raising millions of dollars for medical, educational, children, and other charitable organizations.  Her civic, community, and humanitarian awards for this philanthropic work are too numerous to mention.


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Films and Video Programs:

Edna Hibel: A Personal Portrait, videotape, 30 minutes, Chip Taylor Communications, Dover, New Hampshire, 2002

With Love, Edna Hibel, videotape, 52 minutes, Chip Taylor Communications, 2002

Hibel’s Russian Palette, 55 minutes, Cultural Award, American Association of Museums, the only television documentary produced by a foreign woman in the former Soviet Union, broadcast on more than 100 PBS stations and on countless cable and network affiliate stations nationwide, Hibel Museum of Art, Spilny-Gamburg Productions, and the Soviet Union Film Authority, 1991

Edna Hibel: Worlds Within Worlds, film, Hibel Museum of Art, 1984

For the Delight of Heaven: Conversations between Julie Harris and Edna Hibel, film, 1981

Hibel on Porcelain, film, 1977

Edna Hibel: The World I Love, film, 1976

A Select List of High Honors and Milestones:

National Women’s History Month 2008 Honoree

In the past four centuries, since the time of the late Renaissance, Edna Hibel is only one of three people who have completed artworks in nine different centuries.

Leonardo da Vinci World Award of Arts (the first American woman to be so honored)

Medals of Honors and Citations from the late Pope John Paul II and King Baudouin of Belgium

Founder, Boston Art Festival

Presented to Queen Elizabeth II

Blue Ribbon Award for Art, Cordon Bleu Society

Artworks commissioned to commemorate milestones for The United Nations, U.S. National Archives, Project Hope, Epilepsy Foundation, Komen Foundation, Hadassah, March of Dimes, and La Leche League International

Honorary Doctorates Conferred by University for Peace (Costa Rica); Mount St. Mary’s University; Eureka College; Providence College; Northwood University; and Simmons College; Diploma Conferred by Flanders Academy of Art, Science, and Letters, Belgium

One-Artist Exhibitions in 20 countries on four continents, including these national museums: Klutznick National Jewish Museum (Washington, D.C.); Soviet Union Academy of Art (St. Petersburg, Russia); National Museum of Costa Rica; China National Art Gallery (Beijing); and National Museum of Fine Arts (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil).  First foreigner invited twice to exhibit artwork in Yugoslavia, The People’s Republic of China, and the former Soviet Union

Public Group Shows include Chicago Art Institute; Institute of Contemporary Art; United Nations Headquarters; Museum of Fine Arts, Boston; Pennsylvania Academy of Art; American Federation of Art, New York City

Works in Permanent Public Collections include Boston Museum of Fine Arts, Harvard University, Boston University, Detroit Art Institute, Milwaukee Art Institute, Phoenix Art Museum, Columbus Museum of Arts and Crafts (Georgia), Palais des Nations (Geneva), Norton Museum of Art (West Palm Beach), Russian Academy of Art (St. Petersburg)

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